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Atavistia began as the solo project of frontman Mattias Sippola back in 2017 when he wrote, performed, and produced its first album “One Within The Sun”. The debut album for Atavistia drew heavily from Mattias’ fandom of epic metal bands such as Wintersun and the viking-esque Ensiferum, giving the Candian band a decidedly Nordic feel.

Following the local success of Atavistia’s first album, Mattias decided to kick it up a notch and turn his studio project into a live band. In 2018 he recruited fellow Canadians Dalton Meaden (guitars), Izzy Langlais (drums), as well as D’wayne Murray (bass guitar) of Australia. This new line-up for Atavistia cut their teeth on several local shows, including the annual Deathmus Festivus in Vancouver.

The following year Izzy Langlais left Atavistia to focus on his main band, Wormwitch, and the epic metal band went on the hunt for a session drummer to help out on their upcoming tour booked for the latter half of 2019. Mid-year Atavistia released the single “Through The Hollow Raven’s Eyes” and then brought on Logan of Protosequence to session for their western Canada tour with symphonic metal monoliths Solborn.

Atavistia in the forests of Vancouver

With their first tour out of the way, Atavistia focused on finishing their next album “The Winter Way”. Max Sepulveda of Exterminatus was added to the bands line-up just in time for his precision, on-point, beats to the album.

Now, Atavistia’s sophomore release “The Winter Way” is taking fans by storm. This album has a more savage tone than their debut release, placing Atavistia closer to the realms of melodic death metal. Technical precision and a grandiose depth of sound form the cornerstone of their music, and Mattias has delved into bigger orchestral arrangements, taking inspiration from film scores and video games, and balanced it against the heavier influences of bands such as Dimmu Borgir. With a darker and more dynamic soundscape than the previous album, “The Winter Way” is seeing Atavistia start to come into its own as their brutally beautiful sound roils like a tempestuous sea under a blackened sky.

Atavistia in the forests of Vancouver
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The road so far

In 2017 Atavistia released the debut album One Within The Sun to positive reviews and comparison to renowned Finnish epic metal band Wintersun.

One With The Sun debut album by Atavistia

In the latter half of 2019, we released our new single Through The Hollow Raven’s Eyes followed by a Canadian tour through British Columbia and Alberta.

Atavistia's latest single Through The Hollow Raven's Eyes

With another full-length album on the way, Atavistia’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down. Our sophomore release, titled The Winter Way, is scheduled to drop in 2020.

upcoming sophomore album from Atavistia called The Winter Way


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Blast these nine and a half minutes on max. It’s an epic and soaked with lots of emotions track.

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Founder and frontman Mattias Sippola has a snarl that sounds strikingly similar to Jari Mäenpää, and the sweeping guitar arpeggios will have you charging through the snowy forest to battle your enemies.

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It’s super expressive and the blazing intensity of it just makes it soar above most albums that I’ve heard this year.
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Atavistia have played large-scale events including the Deathmas Festivus, as well as locally in Vancouver, while most recently they toured around British Columbia and Alberta.

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