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Atavistia is a wall of sound that joyously greets the ears and assails the senses. With sweeping instrumentals, grand orchestrations, and guitars heavier than Thor’s hammer, it’s no wonder this Canadian epic metal band from Vancouver is quickly gaining traction.

Fans of Wintersun, Ensiferum, Dimmu Borgir, and Xanthochroid will be enthralled by the elements of melodic death metal, black metal, and Scandinavian folk that is intricately woven together throughout their diverse soundscape.

Taking inspiration from the majestic natural landscapes of their homeland, earthly seasons, and ancient Norse culture, Atavistia’s grandiose sound matches these lyrical themes in an impressive symphony of destruction as they balance graceful melodies with brutal rhythmic cacophony.

On stage they are a force of nature, like waves crashing against a rocky shore, their music washes over audiences leaving them gasping for more. In a niche among metal genres, Atavistia has firmly established its presence.

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photo of frontman Mattias Sippola against wintery mountains

Norse rune Mattias Sippola

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Founder and frontman, Mattias Sippola is Atavistia.

Taking center-stage as vocalist and lead guitarist, the Canadian-born force behind Atavistia is a multi-talented musician responsible for the songwriting, lyrics, orchestrations, and composing.

Mattias also plays piano, which he attributes to greatly assisting him during his writing process for Atavistia.

From an early age, Mattias played guitar, becoming increasingly engrossed when he discovered the world of metal. Epic metal bands, melodic death metal, folk metal, and black metal all serve to draw him inexorably into their murky realms of inspiration.

In fact, Atavistia originally sprung from this love of epic metal, namely Wintersun, and has since diversified to encapsulate his personal influences from bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Ensiferum, and Xanthochroid.

photo of frontman Mattias Sippola against wintery mountains
photo of bassist D'wayne Murray

Norse rune D'wayne Murray

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A seasoned musician, D’wayne has many years, bands, and tours already under his belt. The Australian native began playing bass in high school, where he bounced around a few bands before becoming more serious about his craft.

In 2011 he joined Apparitions of Null, a progressive death metal band, who garnered local success and was well received, enabling them to record their first EP: Kaleidoscopes.

D’wayne then joined the industrial metal band, Noveaux, before moving to Rise of Avernus. The progressive goth/ death metal band toured Australia and Japan several times, and supported some big industry names such as Paradise Lost, Arcturus, 1349, Sigh, Hypno5e, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, and Tribulation.

Finally, life took D’wayne to the northern hemisphere to Canada where he joined Atavistia. When he’s not playing for Atavistia, D’wayne sessions, dabbles in audio engineering, and is working on a second Apparitions of Null album with Sam Mayer.

Atavistia member and guitarist Dalton Meaden

Norse rune Dalton Meaden

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Hailing from Prince George in the frozen north of British Columbia, Canadian guitarist Dalton Meaden grew up under a roof of many musical tastes. In 2004 he picked up the guitar and taught himself everything he knows. From banjo-picking to guitar-shredding, he's a master of strings with a passion for all things melodic.

Prior to joining Atavistia, Dalton created the symphonic metal band Lords of the Nether in 2010. Here, he brandished his songwriting capabilities and took his skills as a composer to the next level.

Now he lends his talents to Atavistia as well as his side-projects, Lords of The Nether and Dreadwitch. Dalton's influences include Unleash The Archers, Blind Guardian, Keep of Kalessin, Whispered, Bloodthorn, Insomnium, Nevermore, and Revocation.

Max Sepulveda, drummer for Atavistia

Norse rune Max Sepulveda

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Elite drummer Max Sepulveda throws down like the mighty thunder god himself. Countless years of gruelling practice as a multi-instrumentalist have forged the technical master that he is today, executing complex sequences with surgical precision.

In 2013, Exterminatus snapped up the brilliant 17 year old drummer. The rising death metal titans from Vancouver, BC are an amalgamation of technical, progressive, and melodic elements, driven forth by Max’s precise, machine-like drumming. They now have a third full-length album E.F.a.D.S currently in the works.

When approached with the opportunity to drum for Atavistia, Max jumped at it with no hesitation.

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Atavistia are currently available for booking. With a lean set-up and experience playing both local and large-scale shows, their unique sound will lend itself well to any event.

Or perhaps you’re looking to collaborate? Atavistia are also keen to network or build a tour with other bands. Get in touch with us and let’s work something out.