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Norse rune"The Winter Way" drops May 29th!

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Prepare yourself for an aural assault with Atavistia's sophomore release: “The Winter Way”. Sweeping arrangements give way to heavy riffage and demonic growls, taking you through vast soundscapes of graceful savagery.

Atavistia’s frontman, Mattias Sippola, is an absolute powerhouse and driving force behind the music, lyrics, engineering, and mixing. Joining him on the album is bassist D'wayne Murray, creating deep undercurrents of emotive tones that weave through Mattias’ guitars, building them up with brutal counter-melodies. The most recent addition to Atavistia’s line-up is the inhuman Max Sepulveda who thunders along with the technical precision of a Swiss watch. Max also lent his talents to the engineering and editing of “The Winter Way” along with guitarist Dalton Meaden.

Mastered by the renowned Chris "Hollywood" Holmes, this album takes Atavistia's sound to a whole new level. Don’t miss a beat and presave the album on Spotify and iTunes today!

Norse rune "The Forbidden One" lyric video

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Harder, heavier, darker - Atavistia’s new lyric video for “The Forbidden One” delivers on the promises made by their first single release, “Through the Hollow Raven’s Eyes”. From the brilliant creativity of Eppu Peltonen, this latest lyric video explores the vicissitudes of Atavistia’s dynamism. As the second-last track, “The Forbidden One” forms the album’s cresting wave before the climax of the final track.

You can still pre-order the new album as an exclusive bundle pack from our Bandcamp but you better get in quick before they’re all gone!

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Due to COVID-19 there are no upcoming shows for 2020